Equipment Leasing & Financing

Equipment Leasing & Financing

Expand Your Business With Equipment Financing Options

Every business needs some type of equipment to operate, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend large amounts of money to get it. Instead, consider equipment leasing. Acuity Commercial Capital provides affordable equipment financing to businesses of all types and sizes.

Benefits of Leasing

Leasing your company’s equipment offers several benefits over purchasing outright. If your business is new or undergoing a large expansion, it can be too expensive to purchase the equipment you need upfront. Leasing allows you to get what you need to grow your company and pay for it over time. From restaurant equipment to software and installation services, our knowledgeable team can help you lease nearly any type of equipment you can think of. Other benefits include:

  • Low monthly payments
  • Preserve your existing lines of credit
  • Easily upgrade as technology advances
  • Fixed payments throughout the term of your lease
  • Tax and accounting advantages

Types of Leases

Acuity Commercial Capital can lease up to $150,000 without need for your financial statements. Don’t worry if you need more than that. We offer financing options for larger businesses too. No matter how much money you need, we provide flexible payment structures and you pay little to no money down. Smaller amounts are usually approved within 24 hours while middle market or large ticket financing takes up to five business days.

We offer several leasing options including sale and lease back, startup programs, and government and municipal leasing. Sale and lease back uses the equity in your current equipment to provide more working capital. We’ll purchase your equipment and lease it back to you at a fair rate. This allows you to fund other aspects of your company without losing the equipment you need to operate. Our startup program is a good option for up-and-coming companies that other financial institutions won’t support. Government and municipal lending covers armed services, public schools, police departments, libraries and other government establishments.

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Whether you need to lease equipment for a public library or your upcoming restaurant, we at Acuity Commercial Capital are happy to help. Call today for more information.